What You Should Know About Leather Sofa Cleaning


What You Should Know About Leather Sofa Cleaning

Proper care of leather sofas is essential in prolonging the service life of the furniture. Basically, when this material is neglected, it will lose its soft and supple nature as well as its unique aesthetic appeal. Moreover, the leather can start to gain an unsavory odor due to the accumulation of sweat, dirt and similar materials. Therefore, you should dedicate time to thorough cleaning of the furniture. Here are simple guidelines on efficient leather sofa cleaning.


When cleaning your leather sofa, it is crucial for you to vacuum the surfaces first. This will eliminate the dust and particles that will be clinging to the crevices. If you attempt to wipe before performing this task, you could cause damage because particles are abrasive to leather. Use a soft brush vacuum attachment for maximum effectiveness.

Cleaning Solution

You should choose your leather cleaning solution with care because a caustic agent will damage the material significantly. In ideal circumstances, you can make your own solution by mixing water and white vinegar in equal parts. If you choose this ensure that you have tested the solution on a small inconspicuous part of the sofa before proceeding. Alternatively, acquire a commercial leather cleaner and use it according to outlined instructions.

Wiping and Drying

Use the cleaning solution to wipe the vacuumed sofa. Basically, dip a soft microfiber cloth into the liquid and wring it out. When the cloth is still damp, wipe your furniture. Rinse it and repeat as necessary until you are satisfied with the results. Dry the surfaces with a dry cloth to prevent water damage. Never use a blow dryer because this will dehydrate the leather.

Conditioning and Buffing

Finally, you should condition the leather for nourishment. You can use a commercial product or mix two parts of linseed oil with one part vinegar for a homemade solution. After ten minutes or even longer, use a soft cloth to bring out a healthy leather shine.

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